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Pasture and Forage

Brazilian livestock is considered one of
the most productive in the world.


Activity with great economic potential, Brazil is one of the main producers and exporters of meat in the world. In addition to having one of the largest dairy basins in the world.

What do you need to know

Pastures need a large amount of nitrogen to support all Brazilian livestock production.

Currently, Brazil has the largest cattle herd in the world, for this reason, the pasture areas in the country are around 154 million hectares, so that they can provide forage to the entire Brazilian herd. Our soils in general are poor soils with low availability of absorbable nutrients for the cycling of these perennial and annual pastures to occur.

In order to supply essential macronutrients, such as Phosphorus (P) and Calcium (Ca) for these forage crops, the Cibrativ fertilizer (Natural Reactive Phosphate) becomes a viable option, as it provides these macronutrients in a balanced way according to the nutritional demand of plants.

Still in the case of forage crops, especially with regard to grasses, we have a high demand for the macronutrient Nitrogen (N).

Cibra has a range of nitrogen fertilizers from the Nitrocap line, which allows us to supply pasture and hay crops, a source of amide nitrogen via Urea, reducing the loss of nutrient volatilization. In addition to also having options with part of the source being ammoniacal nitrogen, more stable in terms of losses and the possibility of input of Sulfur (S), which is also an essential macronutrient for the development of crops.

Principais Deficiências

Main Deficiencies

Pragas da pastagem

Pragas subterrâneas ou pragas de solo:
são insetos que se alimentam de sementes,
após a semeadura, e das raízes das plantas

  • Cigarrinhas-das-pastagens
    Homoptera-Cercopidae, Zulia entreriana, Deois flavopicta, Deois schach
  • Formigas cortadeiras
    Atta bisphaerica, Atta capiguara
  • Cochonilha dos capins
    Antonina graminis
  • Percevejo das gramíneas
    Blissus leucopterus
  • Lagartas desfolhadoras
    Mocis latipes, Spodoptera frugiperda, Pseudaletia sequax
  • Gafanhotos
    Rhamnatocerus sp., Schistocerca sp.
  • Cupins
    Proconitermes sp., Cornitermes cumulans

Doenças da pastagem

Doenças foliares:

  • Mela-das-sementes
    Claviceps sulcata
  • Carvão da braquiária
    Ustilago operta
  • Ferrugem da braquiária
    Puccinia levis var. panici-sanguinalis
  • Mancha foliar de Bipolaris maydis
    Bipolaris maydis
  • Cárie-do-sino
    Tilletia ayresii
  • Antracnose do estilosantes
    Colletotrichum gloeosporioides
  • Mortalidade do capim-marandu
    Pythium spp., Rhizoctonia spp. e Fusarium spp.
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