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Who We Are

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Our story

We are a company
with a startup soul.
a key strategic pillar.

We are Cibra, a company that has been growing for almost 30 years together with Brazilian agriculture. We have as partners Omimex, a highly capitalized American group, and the British Anglo American, one of the largest mining companies in the world.

Cibra grows at a fast pace, above the industry average. We are one of the largest and most innovative fertilizer companies in Brazil, with operations in the production, import and distribution of fertilizers.


Cibrafértil Foundation.


Ominex acquires Cibrafértil. A new chapter with a new direction.


Acquisition of Agriter and start of expansion with 5 new units.


Acquisition and start of operations in Luís Eduardo Magalhães-BA.


Cibrafértil is renamed Cibra.


Partnership with Anglo American for POLY4 fertilizer.


We launched CibraStore, the 1st fertilizer e-commerce in Brasil.


Definitive home office and virtual attendant Cibele.

Start of operations in Uberaba-MG.


We launched CibraCoin, the 1st crypto asset linked to fertilizers.


New greenfield unit at Sinop.
Partnership with U.S Borax to distribute Granubor.

2019 - 2024

We are certified by GPTW for six consecutive years


33th place – Best Company to Work for in the Industry by GPTW 2023 ranking


17th place – Best Agribusiness Company to Work for by GPTW 2023 ranking


4th place – Best Company to Work for in Bahia by GPTW 2023 ranking


8th place – Best & Biggest in the Agribusiness category by EXAME ranking

2022 - 2023

39th place – Top 100 in Brazilian Agribusiness on the Forbes Agro100 list


10th Place – Transformation Innovation
17th Place – ESG Innovation
1st AEVO Intrapreneurship Award


2nd place – Agility Brazil Award 2024 in the Transformation category


6th place  – Best in Agribusiness in the Fertilizers category by Globo Rural Magazine


156th place – Largest private corporation in Brazil

5th place – Largest private corporation in Bahia

14th place – Largest private corporation in the Northeast


1st place – Innovative Company Award by Viasoft with the support of the Government of Paraná


Social Enterprise Seal – Alliance for Entrepreneurship by JA Bahia (Junior Achievement Bahia)

Environmental and Social Responsibility

How we transform lives

The commitment to social is part of our business, we carry out activities based on our values ​​and that result in the construction of a better society, by promoting the development of the communities where we operate, our employees and society as a whole.

We act with ethics, transparency, personal and professional development of everyone who is part of our production chain, carrying out socially responsible actions.

More than 85% of our team is involved in social activities. The program “People who Transforms” gather several projects such as “Connected with Tomorrow”, “Inovation Camp”, “Movement for Good” where our employees work with the purpose of supporting communities, taking care of the environment and developing young people for the job market.

We are sponsors of Junior Achievement, one of the largest social organizations encouraging young people in the world, which encourages and develops young people through the “learning-by-doing” method.

Our current projects:

We care for the environment

The Social and Environmental Responsibility Commitee ensure we carry out activities in a sustainable way, closely monitoring the factors that contribute to generate a greater future.

We continually invest in projects to reduce our impact on the environment.

Between 2019 and 2022, Cibra invested + R$ 50 million reais in projects such as:

  • Energy generation from biomass and solar energy, reducing gas consumption and CO² emissions
  • Emission prevention (effluent or atmospheric) and waste management
    – Dedusting systems to reduce particulate matter in the atmosphere
    – Improved drainage and containment of liquid and solid waste
    – Waterproofing of the sulfuric acid tank complex
  • Water reuse on the production process

Governance and Corporate Culture


Fertilize partnerships to nurture and transform lives.


We will be a company ahead of its time. Leaders in the agribusiness transformation. The most desired and admired in Brazil. Working with pride and genuinely practicing our values, we continue to grow sustainably. With the customer at the center of our journey, we have agile management and generate a positive impact for society and the planet.


By the hands of reliable, courteous professionals who are proud to work at Cibra, our mission is to provide high quality products in an agile and flexible way, meeting the expectations of agricultural producers who run the agribusiness in Brazil.

Our Value Proposition


  • Simplicity
  • Courage
  • Transparency
  • Sense of Ownership
  • Collaboration
  • Respect
  • Agility
  • Flexibility
  • Innovation
  • Customer obsession
  • Environmental and Social Responsibility


For Cibra there is no other way than acting with ethics and transparency throughout its value chain. Respecting our customers, employees, communities and our country.

Cibra is continuously working in the environmental, social and governance areas, aware of our responsibility and impact on the planet.

Our Innovative Spirit

Our People are restless
and connected to the future.

We were the first fertilizer company to have an e-commerce (CibraStore, in 2020), we have a virtual assistant (Cibele, 2021) and again we were pioneers by launching the first crypto-asset linked to fertilizers in the world (CibraCoin, in 2022) .

Our people are obsessed with serving our customers bringing new possibilities at all times. All this to deliver, convenience, flexibility and agility in service.

Our people do it for you

We are a company
driven by people.

For us, the Employee Experience is taken seriously. Since 2019, we are certified as “A Great Place To Work”, which rewards the best companies to work for. Our People are focused on making a difference and positively transform lives.

Our team cares about each grain harvested. We work with strict quality control, committed to delivering the best customer experience. Always bringing innovative solutions and technologies to the field.

Where we are

A company with national presence. 13 units and professionals working from anywhere.

We work with production, import, formulation and distribution operations of fertilizers in the main agro-producing states.

Since 2021, the corporate and commercial teams definetely Work From Anywhere (remote work, without a physical headquarters).


Via Alfa, nº 1428, Área Industrial Norte
Bairro COPEC – Polo Petroquímico
Camaçari - Bahia
Zip Code 42816-100
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Via Matoin, Distrito Industrial
Candeias – Bahia
Zip Code 43813-000
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Luis Eduardo Magalhães

Rodovia BR 020 KM 202
Luis Eduardo Magalhães – Bahia
Zip Code 47850-000
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Rodovia MT 220, Km 01 - Anexo 01 Lote
Sinop, Mato Grosso
Zip Code 78559-899
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Outsourced mixer
Road BR 163, Km 95, Terminal Ferroviário Intermodal | Anexo Andali Rondonópolis, Mato Grosso
Zip Code 78745-710
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Road GO 436, S/N, KM 46, Anexo 01, Zona Rural
Cristalina – Goiás
Zip Code 73.850-000 (Postal 163)
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Avenue Filomena Cartafina, 21930, Anexo I
Uberaba - Minas Gerais
Zip Code 38040-450
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Paranaguá II

Via Conselheiro Correa, 365, 29 de Julho
Paranaguá - Paraná
Zip Code 83.203-780
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Paranaguá I

Via Nestor Victor, nº 1.566
Paranaguá - Paraná
Zip Code 83.203-540
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São Francisco do Sul

Road Duque de Caxias, 160 - Acaraí
São Francisco do Sul, Santa Catarina
Zip Code 89240-000
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Rio Grande

Outsourced mixer
Avenue Maximiano Fonseca, 6360, Distrito Industrial
Rio Grande, Rio Grande do Sul
Zip Code 96204-040
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Rio Verde

Outsourced mixer
Gleba Rodovia BR 452 Area Rural | Anexo Andali
Rio Verde, Goiás
Zip Code 75913-899
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São Luís

Mixer - Under Construction
Sit. Santo Antônio, S/N, Anexo I Km 19
São Luís, Maranhão
Zip Code 65091-620
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