Information Security - Cibra Fertilizantes

Information Security

Here at Cibra we are committed to
offering quality in all our processes.

The safety of our customer is very important to guarantee our commitment.

Protect your computer. Keep your antivirus and operating system always up to date;

When contacted by Cibra, verify that the sender of the email is from Cibra’s domain (;

In cases of bank slip, always check if the flag shown on the slip corresponds to Banco Itaú. Exceptional situations will be informed through Cibra’s domain e-mail;

Pay attention to the barcode. If the bill does not work in optical reading or if it has large blank spaces between the bars, be suspicious!

When making the payment, check the invoice data and check the name and CNPJ of the beneficiary of the payment (Cibrafertil Companhia Brasileira de Fertilizantes/CNPJ 00.117.842/0001-28 or Agro Industrial São Luiz Ltda./CNPJ: 95.865.572/0001-40);

Confirm that the bond’s expiration date is correct and that the amount charged matches the amount owed.

About Vacancies and Selection Process

The platform used by Cibra to advertise vacancies, recruitment and selection is in addition to the company’s social networks.

We do not offer vacancies abroad and any dubious offers of vacancies through other platforms can be communicated to our whistleblowing channel through the form.

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