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Mineral fertilizer made from polyhalite, capable of delivering in
single granule soluble sources of potassium (K), sulfur (S),
magnesium (Mg) and calcium (Ca). It is suitable for organic farming.

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A great opportunity for Brazilian agriculture, POLY4 is a multinutrient fertilizer that contains 4 macronutrients essential for plant root development in a single grain: potassium (K), sulfur (S-SO4), magnesium (Mg) and calcium (Ca ). Its formula has a low chlorine content and neutral pH, which favors crops that are more sensitive to chlorine.

Due to its high efficiency, POLY4 fertilizer provides greater absorption of nutrients and has great agronomic efficiency, minimizing crop losses through resistance to the main diseases, and it even guarantees increased productivity by offering better yield and quality.

Made from polyhalite, POLY4 provides more flexibility to the farmer at the time of application, as it can be used neat or in mixtures with other fertilizers, in addition, it is suitable for organic farming.

Sustainability is one of the strengths of this multi-nutrient fertilizer, which can significantly contribute to the physical and chemical improvement of soils. Easy to handle, store and mix, POLY4 provides balanced nutrition throughout the crop cycle. As it is a fertilizer with high nutritional value and performance, it is indicated for the fertilization plan of large crops, such as soybean, cotton, corn, tomato, wheat, rice, potato and coffee.

The product

One of the main concepts offertilizer POLY4 is to sustainably simplify the production system of Agriculture.

The granule dissolution rate may provide unique applications for annual crops, providing a reduction in the number of operations for potassium splitting.

The physical characteristics of the product as the uniformity of granules, hardness, low hygroscopicity and granule density provide uniformity and fluidity in the application by broadcast or in the planting furrow.

Balanced fertilization

The current high yields demand equivalent inputs of nutrients in the form readily assimilated by the plants to guarantee a balanced nutrition and in the moments of greatest demand of the crops.

The efficient and continuous availability of POLY4 nutrients throughout the crop cycle ensures greater stability of the production and nutrition system for the entire crop cycle.

The use of POLY4, a multi-nutrient fertilizer, in fertilizers with a mixture of NPK elements allows the supply of more elements, in a balanced way, when compared to the management with traditional NPK fertilizers. The inclusion of nutrients in soluble form can contribute to soil balance and better plant nutrition.

Research and development

The ability to use in production systems requires research and development in the field and in the laboratory for a better understanding of soil and crop conditions.

Currently, relevant institutions of teaching and research are contributing to the generation of information that guide the use and agronomic recommendation of POLY4 fertilizer all around the world.

Research on POLY4 is guided by Anglo American’s global program of agricultural studies, Crop Nutrients.

The global agronomic program involves 177 R&D entities spread over five continents, making a total of 556 surveys so far in 60 crops in 33 countries, all of them evaluating the performance of POLY4.

Over eight years of research in Brazil, studies with the multi-nutrient fertilizer POLY4 were conducted by more than 40 institutions and research bodies. This information was relevant to the understanding of its values ​​as a fertilizer in order to guarantee stability in the field results.

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Brazil produces a third of the world’s food and can increase its productivity potential. In this aspect, the nutrients and availability of the POLY4 multinutrient fertilizer in Brazilian agriculture represent a good opportunity to maximize the soluble nutrients to the demands of the crops. The different managements to be adopted with POLY4 guarantee the possibility of use throughout the Brazilian territory.

The possibility of use in NPK formulations will be able to compose and guarantee different POLY4 formulas, favoring an option with high technology in the scenario of current fertilizers with a large scale of use.

If you are interested in participating in experimental research with POLY4 fertilizer in Brazil, click here. Our People are ready to help you!

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