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Environmental and Social Responsibility

Environmental and Social Responsibility

How we transform lives

The commitment to social is part of our business, we carry out activities based on our values ​​and that result in the construction of a better society, by promoting the development of the communities where we operate, our employees and society as a whole.

We act with ethics, transparency, personal and professional development of everyone who is part of our production chain, carrying out socially responsible actions.

More than 96% of our team is involved in social activities. The program “People who Transforms” gather several projects such as “Connected with Tomorrow”, “Inovation Camp”, “Movement for Good” where our employees work with the purpose of supporting communities, taking care of the environment and developing young people for the job market.

We are sponsors of Junior Achievement, one of the largest social organizations encouraging young people in the world, which encourages and develops young people through the “learning-by-doing” method.

Our current projects:

We carry out our activities in a sustainable way

The Social and Environmental Responsibility Commitee ensure we carry out activities in a sustainable way, closely monitoring the factors that contribute to generate a greater future.

We continually invest in projects to reduce our impact on the environment.

Between 2019 and 2023, Cibra invested + R$ 100 million reais in sustainability projects such as:

  • Fertilizers big bags made from recycled material
  • Expansion of the reverse logistics process for big bags and plastic waste in the field
  • Energy generation from biomass and solar energy, reducing gas consumption and CO² emissions
  • Emission prevention (effluent or atmospheric) and waste management
    – Dedusting systems to reduce particulate matter in the atmosphere
    – Improved drainage and containment of liquid and solid waste
    – Waterproofing of the sulfuric acid tank complex
  • Water reuse on the production process
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