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Crop Plan 2022/2023: everything you need to know

More credit for agriculture. More productivity on the farm.

In July, the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, and Supply officially launched the Crop Plan 2022/2023, and the prospects for those who produce are excellent. It was the most considerable granting of credit in recent years, totaling more than R$ 340 billion for funding, marketing, and investments in agriculture.

More than supporting agribusiness development, the plan has the role of supplying the market in the post-pandemic period and promoting food security for Brazilians. Currently, the Crop Plan is responsible for financing the production of almost a third of Brazilian agriculture through development programs such as Pronaf and Pronamp.

How does the Crop Plan work for small and medium farmers?

With favorable interest rates and more resources available, small and medium-sized farmers remain at the heart of the Crop Plan.

For small farmers, R$ 53.61 billion was granted through the National Program for Strengthening Family Agriculture (Pronaf), representing a 36% increase in proportion to the previous Crop Plan. Interest is 5%/year for the production of food and biodiversity products. For other agricultural products, 6%/year.

As for the medium farmers, R$ 43.75 billion was granted by the National Support Program for the Medium Rural Producer (Pronamp), an increase of 28% in proportion to the previous crop. Interest is 8%/year.

How does the Crop Plan work for large farmers and cooperatives?

For large farmers and cooperatives, the amount given was R$ 243.4 billion, with interest rates of 12%/year. Rural farmers can also choose to contract investment financing at post-fixed interest rates.

It is not just farmers and cooperatives who have a reason to celebrate. The Crop Plan also expanded the diversification of funding sources, attracting greater participation in the private agribusiness finance market with the expansion of securities such as CPR, CDCA, CRA, and LCA.

For those who live off agriculture, the release of these credits is always a decisive moment. It’s time to take off the paper everything planned for the next cycle and guarantee the purchase of equipment, products and agricultural inputs – including fertilizers, the first step towards obtaining a more productive crop.

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