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Meet Cibele: Cibra’s virtual assistant

Cibra’s virtual assistant acquires technological innovations

The virtual assistant who helps the public on the company’s digital channels is called Cibele and is now an “Agronomist Engineer” that learned to talk to people in a more conversational tone to get closer to Cibra’s customers.

To strengthen ties with consumers who do not just want to buy products and services but rather enjoy a more humanized experience, Cibra, one of the largest and most innovative fertilizer companies in the country, recently underwent a complete modernization of its brand. Taking advantage of this moment and building a more assertive relationship with its audience, it assigned its virtual assistant, Cibele, a new profile, and new responsibilities and skills.

Cibele was launched in May last year to serve the public with technology and more agility. Now, the virtual assistant enters its second generation, reinforcing Cibra’s commitment to innovation.

According to the Marketing Director, Kelly Nakaura, Cibra has a more contemporary branding and has brought a new communication model and functions to Cibele. “Her remodel better represents the company’s positioning. The character simulates an actual person to humanize the relationship with the client. We define her profile and personality to portray professionals with a relevant role with our client, the farmer. Cibele is an “Agronomist Engineer” ready to advise on the best fertilizer for a particular crop or region of the country,” states Kelly.

The role of the virtual assistant is to answer questions, clarify doubts and even make sales. It is considered a powerful and fast tool to strengthen ties with consumers. Cibra also thought about improving its employees’ performance with Cibele’s contribution, expanding its activities within the company, attributing to her the role of being a protagonist of the safety videos and participating in internal dialogues.

According to Kelly, the propensity is for the virtual assistant to become a kind of “spokesperson” for the company on various matters – including participating in leadership meetings to communicate strategies. “We believe that humanizing Cibele will give Communication a face, generating greater identification for the brand. As a result, people will pay more attention to what she is saying,” she says.

With the improvements, Cibele acquired a more modern look following Cibra’s new visual identity, adding elements such as the logo, colors, personality, and the company’s values. Before, Cibele’s role was only to clarify doubts. Now, she offers a proposal to relate better with people. Thus, she also obtained a conversational tone with more naturalness and informality.

Cibele is an example of how Artificial Intelligence can provide advances in the market and a true transformation in customer service. To connect with the assistant, access the chatbot icon on the website or directly enter the company’s social networks.

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