Cibra is in the 24th position on the GPTW Ranking - Cibra Fertilizantes

Cibra is in the 24th position on the GPTW Ranking

Cibra is recognized as the 24th “Best Company to Work” in Brazil by GPTW

The company is among the 100 best employers in Brazil, according to Great Place To Work (GPTW)

Cibra, one of the largest and most innovative fertilizer companies in Brazil, reached the 24th position in the ranking “Best Companies to Work” in 2022 by GPTW, among the 100 best companies in the Brazilian industry. The ranking encourages organizations to achieve better results through a culture of trust, high performance, and innovation.

GPTW recognized Cibra as one of the top employer brands in the country. The rating considers “good practices” focusing on “How we do it,” composed of the pillars: trust, leadership effectiveness, innovation, maximization of human potential, leadership movement, and values.

According to Cristina Oliveira, Director of People and Sustainability at Cibra, being part of the GPTW ranking demonstrates the company’s progress towards promoting the best experience for its employees.

“Each year, we challenge ourselves to improve our employees’ experience. Our Culture and our practices are our differentials. Every day we uniquely live our values, which we call the “Cibra Way of Being.” Our values are our virtues. We do everything in the best way and always deliver our best,” stresses Cristina.

The Work From Anywhere (WFA) adhered to by the corporate team increased the ability to hire differentiated professionals, regardless of region, and the market recognizes it as another Cibra differential. WFA is attractive to many professionals, and the company has seen an increase in the satisfaction and quality of life of its teams with remote work.

The company strives not to lose focus on what matters: people, and with that in mind, it applies the 11 values present in Cibra’s culture daily: Simplicity, Courage, Transparency, Sense of Ownership, Collaboration, Respect, Innovation, Obsession with Customer, Agility, Flexibility, and Social/Environmental Responsibility.

To strengthen everything in which Cibra believes, the company applies its cultural rituals, reinforcing and directing actions. For example, the Daily Efficiency Dialogue (DDE), where they share important topics and strategies with everyone. This action always takes place at the beginning of each working day, with the participation of 100% of the team.

Another valuable cultural ritual is the Success Factors meeting, a monthly meeting that demonstrates transparency, courage, and collaboration, where results, achievements, and challenges are exposed. In addition, there is also the Leadership Meeting, which brings together managers monthly to discuss action plans, challenges, and next steps in a collaborative way. Cibra plans to use the result of this survey to build action plans that bring new improvements to its employees, maintaining a continuous process of training and people management.

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