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Cibra wins “Best in Agribusiness Award”

Cibra wins the fifth position in the category “Fertilizers” in the “Best in Agribusiness Award”

The company has grown above the agribusiness market average for years and has consolidated itself as a reference in the sector

Luiz Fernando Freiberger, Commercial Director, and Adriano Amaral, Market Intelligence Manager at Cibra

Cibra, which has been operating in Brazil for almost 30 years and is now one of the largest and most innovative fertilizer companies in the country, won fifth place in the “Fertilizers” category in the 18th edition of the “Best in Agribusiness Awards”. This ranking, organized by the Globo Rural team using a methodology developed by Serasa Experian, is one of the most traditional and respected in the country’s agribusiness sector.

For its elaboration, they perform analyses of data from more than 600 companies in the productive sector, from the field to retail, including industries and services. Companies are awarded in 22 categories from different sectors based on the previous year’s financial results.

Indicators such as net income, debt, liquidity, and margin account for 70% of the score, and socio-environmental responsibility matters weigh 30% of the final grade. According to the new “Anuário do Agronegócio” by Globo Rural, the joint net revenue of the 500 largest companies in Brazilian agribusiness reached the record mark of R$ 1.393 trillion last year, 21.7% more than the total recorded in 2020.

“It is an honor for Cibra to see its work recognized progressively by experts in the agribusiness market. We are an innovative company that has grown more than the market average for years, and with meaningful values we practice in our daily lives, such as respect for our employees,” states Luiz Fernando Freiberger, Cibra’s Commercial Director who participated in the award ceremony in São Paulo (SP).

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