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Cibra’s commitment to social

Cibra encourages education and contributes to the development of young people

Currently, over 70% of the team is engaged in volunteer programs.

Article originally published on Portal A Tarde, Tuesday, August 16, 2022 at 5:30 am | Author: Cristina Oliveira

Cristina Oliveira, Director of People and Sustainability

At Cibra, the commitment to social matters is part of our business. Since 2019, the company has had a Social Responsibility Committee which aims to carry out activities that contribute to the development of the communities in which we operate, our employees, and society as a whole.

Over 70% of our team is engaged in volunteer programs. We believe that the participation of our employees in these projects contributes to their personal growth and the development of skills such as problem-solving, empathy, communication, and collaboration. It is a source of transformation not only in the work environment but in society. These actions allow us to meet inspiring people who enrich us with their life stories and help us understand our role in society, encouraging employees to act effectively as agents of transformation.

Created by Cibra three years ago, the “Gente Que Transforma” Program aims to contribute to the educational development of young people from public schools and to build bridges between them and the job market. For this, we have entered into a partnership with Junior Achievement (a non-profit organization), one of the largest and oldest organizations for education in business, economics, and entrepreneurship in the world, which, through the “learning-by-doing” method, encourages personal growth and provides a clear vision of the business universe. One of the program modules fosters innovative thinking, the “Innovation Camp”, which challenges and rewards young people for finding solutions to real business problems, some of which are in the development phase for effective application in the company’s operations.

With the participation of 80 volunteers, more than 400 students from public schools in the cities of Salvador (BA), Camaçari (BA), Uberaba (MG), Paranaguá (PR), São Francisco do Sul (SC), and the children of employees have already benefited from the action.

In addition to “Gente Que Transforma,” we have other important projects within the company. Another example that fills us with pride is the Youth and Adult Education (EJA), which promotes literacy among our adult employees. There is also “Doing the Good,” an internal campaign that collects aluminum pop tabs and bottle caps to exchange on wheelchairs, plant seedlings around our units, and donate food to needy institutions.

Because we believe it is possible to make a difference and contribute to building a better and more engaged society. At Cibra, we act with ethics and transparency, promoting the personal and professional development of everyone in our production chain, and carrying out socially responsible actions always based on our values.

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