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Cibra launches CibraCoin

Cibra launches CibraCoin, the first stablecoin tied to fertilizers.

Cibra, one of the largest fertilizer companies in Brazil, announces the launch of CibraCoin, the first crypto asset on the market tied to the price of fertilizer. It is classified as a stablecoin because it represents the value of a physical asset: in the case of CibraCoin, fertilizers of the type MAP.

CibraCoin can be purchased and traded directly through the platform, which specializes in asset tokenization.

CibraCoin brings the opportunity to participate in an innovative investment modality that is a future trend in the financial market.

Advantages for the farmers who acquires CibraCoin:

1) Possibility to trade the crypto asset on the market at any time, 24 hours a day, throughout the year.

2) Possibility of purchasing the fertilizer at present price with flexibility in defining a future date to redempt the product.

3) Option to protect against an eventual price increase of the fertilizer, at a lower cost and with greater ease of operation than the traditional hedge.

4) Reduced credit risk, as the physical delivery of the product is guaranteed by contract by Cibra.

5) Opportunity to participate in the crypto market in an innovative product tied to the fertilizer market.

6) Greater inclusion of small farmers in the fertilizer market, who often do not have the resources for costly hedging operations, since it is possible to lock fertilizer prices in small volumes at the time of acquiring CibraCoin.

For the crypto investors, CibraCoin offers:

1) Opportunity to participate in the fertilizer market, a product in high demand in the agro world.

2) Alternative investment in agribusiness with low cost and low complexity.

3) Low operational risk, given the guarantee of physical delivery of the product through a contract as a premise of the digital currency, given that Cibra is an audited company that has more than 25 years in the Brazilian market.

4) Opportunity to participate in an innovative investment modality.

Credits: Cibra

”We believe that CibraCoin will be a new product that will allow the company to grow even more and in the way we most want: offering innovation and practicality to farmers, including small ones.”

— Santiago Franco

For Cibra’s president, Santiago Franco, the launch of CibraCoin reinforces the company’s innovation DNA, which was the first fertilizer manufacturer in the country to launch a digital channel for direct sales to farmes,, in 2020, and the first virtual assistant for customer service, Cibele, in 2021. “Cibra is always looking for new and better ways to serve our customers throughout Brazil. CibraCoin brings to the fertilizer market two things that are much sought after by farmers: practicality and predictability of costs”, says Santiago Franco.

Cibra has been growing consistently over the past few years. Its revenue reached R$ 5 billion in 2021, with the delivery of 2 million tons of fertilizers (up 20% compared to 2020).

Only last year, the company shared two important announcements: the acquisition of a Heringer fertilizer plant in Uberaba (MG) and a new plant started to be built (greenfield) in Sinop (MT).

“We are growing consistently and responsibly, within a national plan that seeks to accompany the evolution of Brazilian agribusiness”, says Santiago Franco, president of Cibra. “We believe that CibraCoin will be a new product that will allow the company to grow even more and in the way we most want: offering innovation and practicality to farmers, including small ones”, says Santiago.

For the president of StonoEx, James Franciscus: “Agribusiness alone represents more than a quarter of Brazil’s GDP and the main source of wealth in the country, known as the ‘breadbasket of the world’. Thus, making available a new product such as CibraCoin allows those interested to participate more closely in the fertilizer market.”

Having innovation as one of its pillars, Cibra is always improving its management and its products in a highly competitive market. Headquartered in Camaçari (BA), Cibra currently has 11 plants in Brazil: 3 in Bahia, 2 in Mato Grosso, 2 in Paraná, 1 in Goiás, 1 in Rio Grande do Sul, 1 in Santa Catarina and 1 in Minas Gerais.

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