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Fertilizers and Food Security

10 billion people.

According to FAO, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, this should be the approximate population living on our planet by 2050. To feed everyone, it is estimated that cereal production must rise from 2.5 billion today to 3 billion tons per year. In a scenario of large scale production, fertilizers will continue to play a vital role, perhaps even more so than today.

As much as a farmer has good land to cultivate, not all soil contains the nutrients necessary for the development of each type of food. For example, phosphorus (P) is a chemical element that constitutes an essential nutrient for all living organisms, including plants. Phosphate extracted from mineral fertilizers has been the main source of phosphorus for soils deficient in this nutrient.

A well-balanced soil nourishes the plants, and the plant feeds the world. Therefore, fertilizers are a fundamental part of the planet’s food security.


For most people around the world, this is unfortunately not a reality. Access to food is not always guaranteed and depends on numerous factors: social, logistical, political, economic, among others.

Aware of our role in society, Cibra frequently promotes campaigns to collect food and to maintain a close relationship with organizations that work to minimize hunger with donations to various charities.

In the last three years, we donated over 10 tons of food, benefited 20 institutions, and impacted more than 3,000 people with our social responsibility initiatives. But we want to do much more for the development of the communities where we operate, our employees, and society as a whole.

On Cibra’s Blog, you will find featured news about the world of agribusiness and follow the main trends and opportunities in the agricultural sector.

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