Bean's Potassium Deficiency (K) - Cibra Fertilizantes

Bean’s Potassium Deficiency (K)

Participation in photosynthesis and activation of key enzymes for metabolic processes. Activator of several enzymes related to the processes of CO2 and nitrogen assimilation, it acts in the translocation and storage of carbohydrates.

This macronutrient acts in the activation of approximately 50 enzymes, highlighting the synthetases, oxidoreductases, dehydrogenases, transferases, kinases and aldolases. High concentrations of potassium (K) are necessary to induce conformational variations and optimize the degree of hydration of the enzymatic protein and, therefore, maximum enzyme activation.

Deficiency – Marginal chlorosis in the leaflets of older leaves, which develops between the veins. Brown or grayish stains, of different sizes, irregular, in the process of necrosis. The leaflets may be reduced, as well as the plant in general. In more developed leaves, in addition to necrosis, numerous small punctuations appear, very close to each other, causing the impression of a reticle. From the association of these spots, larger ones are formed, with a dark brown color. Smaller pods.

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