Citrus's Calcium Deficiency (Ca) - Cibra Fertilizantes

Citrus’s Calcium Deficiency (Ca)

It is part of several parts of the plant and is therefore extremely important for leaf growth, pollination and fruiting. It is related to the cell wall of various plant tissues, such as leaves, pollen tubes and even fruits, participating in the formation of these structures.

It also participates in some physiological functions, favoring constant photosynthetic activity. In this way, the leaf can generate more energy to sustain its flowers and future fruits. 

Deficiency – Appears on mature leaves with initial chlorosis along the margins, gradually reaching the interveinal areas, with necrosis of the affected areas, in advanced stages of deficiency, and a chlorotic band may also appear along the main vein. It can cause leaves and fruits to fall and even cracks in the bark.

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