Cotton's Potassium Deficiency (K) - Cibra Fertilizantes

Cotton’s Potassium Deficiency (K)

The importance of potassium (K): it has an important role in the energy state of the plant, in the translocation and storage of assimilates (products resulting from photosynthesis).

It catalyzes the activity of more than 60 enzymes in the plant, and is also important for efficient water use. It plays a key role in plant development, production and fiber quality. Potassium (K) deficiency occurs with greater frequency and intensity in cotton than in most agronomic species, as the plant is inefficient in absorbing potassium.

The deficiency is characterized by interveinal chlorosis of the basswood leaves, followed by necrosis at the margins and shedding; as a consequence, there is a shortening of the cycle, poor boll formation, reduced productivity and fiber quality.

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