Grape's Boron Deficiency (B) - Cibra Fertilizantes

Grape’s Boron Deficiency (B)

It facilitates the transport of sugars across membranes and is involved in the synthesis of nucleic acids and, consequently, in the synthesis of proteins; on pollen grain germination and pollen tube growth.

It participates in cell division and favors the synthesis of nucleic acid and, therefore, growth. It acts in the fertilization phase, increasing the germination of the pollen grain and the development of the pollen tube. It participates in the metabolism and transport of carbohydrates, favors the synthesis of amino acids and proteins, participates in the mechanism of action of gibberellins and in the synthesis of auxins, influences the absorption and mobility of calcium in the plant.

Deficiency – The first symptoms of B deficiency appear in the youngest organs of the vine, due to its immobility in the plant.

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