Soy's Phosphorus Deficiency (P) - Cibra Fertilizantes

Soy’s Phosphorus Deficiency (P)

The importance of phosphorus (P): Integrates the ATP molecule, acts in the supply and storage of energy. It acts on photosynthesis and respiration. It stimulates root growth and nodulation and increases the efficiency of FBN (Biological Nitrogen Fixation).

It acts at the height of plant and insertion of the first pod. Phosphorus (P) deficiencies are often not well defined. They are usually characterized in mature leaves by a dark green color, but the main symptoms are slow growth, with stunted plants, small leaves and often dark bluish green.

Due to the high mobility of phosphorus (P) in the plant, under conditions of deficiency, the element is transferred from the older leaves to the younger ones, depleting the P reserves in the older leaves, where the symptom appears first.

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