Wheat's Copper Deficiency (Cu) - Cibra Fertilizantes

Wheat’s Copper Deficiency (Cu)

Participates in enzymes, assists in photosynthesis and distribution of carbohydrates. It is present in protein metabolism, reduction and nitrogen fixation. 

 It acts on the lignification of the cell wall, influencing the permeability of xylem vessels. Influence on flowering and fruiting and helps in disease resistance mechanism. 

 Deficiency – Symptoms initially appear on the young leaves of the plants. They become wilted and curled, the petiole and stems of the youngest leaves are curved downwards. The leaves do not have the same green color. They become yellowish or lighter green, and then suffer yellowing. There is a decrease in the transport of water and solutes through the xylem, due to the reduction of lignification. Flower abortion occurs, which interferes with production.

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