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2022 Spring Weather Forecast for Summer Crop

Spring is here! Starting on the last September 22 and ending on December 21, the season in Brazil is characterized by a gradual increase in temperature and the resumption of rains, also gradually, until they stabilize in December – the wettest period of the season.

The climate of the seasons is one of the main factors of attention in agricultural activity. As we live in a country of continental extensions, it is necessary to be attentive to the climate forecast of each region, especially in this period that marks the beginning of the planting of the main summer crops, such as rice, beans, corn, soybeans, and carrots, for example.


The weather forecast for October to December indicates a predominance of above-average rainfall in much of the North region, mainly in Amapá, due to the action of the La Niña phenomenon and the pattern of warmer waters near the coast. In southern Pará and southwest Amazonas, the forecast is for slightly below-average rainfall during the quarter. The average air temperature trend is expected to prevail close to and slightly above the climatology across the region.


The climate forecast indicates the predominance of rains above the meteorology in the region. The prevalence of rainfalls in the Northeast is associated with the impacts of La Niña and the pattern of slightly warmer waters near the coast. In the Eastern part, there is an average probability of rainfall, and the quarter of October to December corresponds to the driest in this area. In the coming months, the air temperature is expected to prevail near and above the region’s average.


For the planting of summer crops, the trend is for rainfall close to and above the average in the entire region, except the center and the south of Mato Grosso do Sul and the east of Mato Grosso, where rainfall totals are forecast slightly below the quarter forecast. As for temperatures, the prognosis indicates that they should be close to and slightly above the climatological average in the coming months.


In the Southeast, the weather forecast for the next three months is for above-average rainfall in most of the region. In the south of São Paulo, rainfall may occur below average. With the return of more regular rains in November, the forecast indicates the predominance of temperatures close to and slightly below average.


The prognosis indicates a higher probability of rainfall below the climatology throughout the region, also due to the impacts that the La Niña phenomenon can cause. Temperatures will be close to climatology and slightly below average in the South Region.

 Source: INMET – National Institute of Meteorology

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