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Cibra adopts the work model “Work from Anywhere”

Cibra employees point out the advantages of “Work From Anywhere”

Discover the stories of employees who experience the WFA in their daily lives and are very satisfied, such as Amanda Santana, Senior Marketing Analyst at Cibra, who opted for this work model to divide her time between Brazil and the United States.

Original article published by Mundo RH, Thursday, November 17, 2022

Amanda Santana, Senior Marketing Analyst, opted for the flexibility of this new work model to divide her time between two countries

Research conducted by a study hub with 508 Brazilian executives has the challenge of diagnosing and supporting leaders in adapting companies to the demands of the new economy. One of the conclusions of this study is that flexibility and work from anywhere (WFA) are here to stay. The new modality has great relevance for workers to accept – or not – a job offer. The hub consisted of FGV-EAESP, Stefanini, Talenses Group and MIT Sloan Review Brasil.

The professionals’ relationship with work has changed. Priorities have changed, tolerance for poor working conditions has also decreased, and today, employee experience is steadily more taken into account. With innovation as one of its pillars, Cibra, one of the largest fertilizer companies in Brazil, attuned to trends, was one of the first companies to decide, since 2021, on the WFA model for its corporate team.

One example is employee Amanda Santana, Senior Marketing Analyst, who opted for the flexibility of this new work model to divide her time between two countries. “The option of permanent home office was one of the decisive factors when applying for the position of Marketing Analyst at Cibra. I live in San Francisco, California, and I wanted a position that would allow me to maintain my lifestyle between Brazil and the United States,” she says.

Amanda is pleased with the opportunity that the company is providing for her to fulfill her lifelong dream. In addition, she mentions that Cibra provides equipment and funds to prepare an adequate workspace. “We have daily virtual rituals and face-to-face meetings regularly organized by the Human Resources area to strengthen culture and integration. In my area, exchanges happen very fluidly to monitor the work routine and team performance. I am very proud to be part of a company that is so humane and concerned with the well-being of its employees”, she says.

For Cibra’s Director of People and Sustainability, Cristina Oliveira, working from anywhere in the world brings a sense of freedom that motivates our employees to reciprocate with engagement and collaboration. “A fundamental and enabling aspect of the WFA was the construction of a solid culture based on the genuine practice of the company’s values. We are aligned with market trends to create strategic solutions for this new working model to work effectively. For this, we promote monthly meetings in spaces surrounded by nature, bringing together professionals who live in different states. We also organize end-of-the-year parties and even breakfast with the president”, states Cristina.

Branding & GTM Manager Gabriela Machado, who lives in Cuiabá (MT), also claims to be satisfied with the WFA model, it gives the possibility to work from anywhere, to have more time with the family while “working in an amazing place, with amazing colleagues. I left my previous job and rejected other job offers because they required constant travel and it did not provide the flexibility I need”, explains Gabriela.

In her opinion, the home office facilitates the inclusion of people in the job market, especially women. “I live far away from my family, I have a young daughter, and my husband travels constantly. In case of emergency or even in routine activities, I am responsible. If it wasn’t for the home office, it would be much more difficult to dedicate myself to work and follow my daughter’s daily life, being present in her education, giving support and love”.

For Raphael Nezzi, CFO of Cibra, the WFA increased the recruitment of the best talents and resulted in greater productivity. “I manage to balance the responsibilities and demands of my executive position with the care of my young daughter and my wife, who is pregnant with twins. We live far from our families, so the WFA allows for greater flexibility at our lives stage.” Despite not being from Salvador (BA), he preferred to stay in this location, even after the office closed. “The city won over the family,” he says.

Raphael is also responsible for the company’s Technology area. He mentions the importance of the robust investments and technological preparation that the company already had even before the pandemic, which made it possible in a very agile and courageous way to join the WFA.

Another professional who praises the work model is employee Pablo Roberto Menezes Brain, Senior Legal Analyst at Cibra, who lives in Salvador (BA). “I don’t find any downsides. In my case, I could closely monitor my wife’s entire pregnancy, witness my daughter being born, and follow her development. For me, this is priceless”, he stresses.

The fact that Cibra opted for the WFA shows how much the company cares about its employees’ well-being. “It is a strategy that also reflects the company’s confidence in its hiring. Not to mention how innovative and exciting it is to be part of a company that thinks ahead of its time and follows the job market evolution”, concludes Amanda.

Since joining the new work format, Cibra continues to show consistent growth above the industry average and continues to expand its activities rapidly since it attracts qualified talents from all over Brazil, without borders. The company recognizes the importance of connecting its organizational culture with the profiles of its professionals – people with different backgrounds, styles, and personalities. Diversity of ideas brings innovative thinking and provides better results in problem-solving.

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