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Cibra wins “Inspiring Company Award”

Cibra was the only company to receive two awards. Competing in the Industry and Commerce category, it was also recognized as one of the most innovative companies.

Camaçari, July 27, 2022 – Cibra, one of the largest fertilizer companies in Brazil, is one of the winners of the “Innovative Company Award” whose results were announced recently. The award recognizes companies that handle investments in infrastructure and innovation as an essential strategy for economic development. In addition, the company also won the “Inspiring Company Award” in the “Industry and Commerce” category. Cibra was the only company to receive two awards on the occasion.

According to Rafael França, Innovation Director at Cibra, the awards are an important recognition for the company, which has been creating premium products, services, and business models in its segment. “We take every opportunity to innovate and grow. Among our pioneering products, developed from our growing search for innovation, we highlight CibraCoin, the first crypto asset in the fertilizer market, and CibraStore, the first fertilizer e-commerce in Brazil. Both seek to provide greater security and ease of purchases for farmers”, says França.

The award took place last Friday (24/06), in Curitiba, Paraná, during the “Viasoft Connect 2022” – the biggest event for innovation in business management in Brazil. The award was also encouraged by the Government of Paraná and supported by major organizations in the state.

To compete, companies initially had to undergo an “innovation diagnosis” based on their innovation journeys, virtual interviews with the Committee of Experts, and a popular vote that judged the initiatives presented. In addition to the industrial segment, companies in the retail, services and engineering, health, and cooperatives sectors were awarded.

About Cibra

In the market for almost 30 years, Cibra is one of the largest and most innovative fertilizer companies in Brazil. Based in Camaçari (BA), its partners are the American group Omimex and the British group Anglo American. The company operates from permanent home-office and has 11 plants with operations in production, import and distribution of fertilizers in the main agricultural producing states of Brazil. It was a pioneer in launching CibraCoin, the first crypto-asset linked to fertilizers, and in creating the first e-commerce for the product. Cibra is certified as a “Great Place To Work” which awards the best companies to work for.

About Viasoft

Viasoft is a company from Paraná that provides complete management software solutions oriented to the best business management practices. Specialist in the segments in which it operates, the group makes the smartest choice for companies seeking evolution, innovation, and development, standing as the market leader in Paraná. Among the sectors that rely on Viasoft’s specialized management software are, for example, agribusiness, fuels, personnel department, industry, logistics, construction materials, and supermarkets. To learn more, visit:

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