CibraCoin is featured in the Plant Project article - Cibra Fertilizantes

CibraCoin is featured in the Plant Project article

CibraCoin, the world’s 1st utility token tied to fertilizers, is featured in Plant Project. An article from May highlights pioneering agribusiness companies in the launch of crypto assets that digitize and simplify product and commodity operations.

In 6 pages, Plant Project shows how innovation has been gaining strength in a segment rarely associated with technological innovations, bringing CibraCoin as an example of this new scenario.

According to Plant Project, the public’s surprising interest in Cibra’s utility token at the Expodireto “it indicates how the gates of agribusiness are open to trying different models of negotiation of inputs and products, which can radically transform the way of doing business in the field.”

The article also presents in detail the features of the digital asset, the main advantages for farmers and its differences for currencies such as Bitcoin.

Read the full publication (in Portuguese) on the digital edition of the magazine (page 90).

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