We are a company driven by people - Cibra Fertilizantes

We are a company driven by people

Solid organizational culture is one of the pillars that made Cibra an excellent company to work for

The company won the Great Place to Work (GPTW) certificate for the fourth consecutive year, with the participation of 91% of its employees

Camaçari, July 2022 – It is with great simplicity, courage, transparency, and collaboration that Cibra, one of the largest and most innovative fertilizer companies in Brazil, has built an environment in which everyone works with pride. A good demonstration of this is that the company has just received the Great Place to Work (GPTW) certificate for the fourth consecutive year, consolidating itself as one of the excellent employer brands.

91% of its employees spontaneously answered the climate survey applied by GPTW and expressed their pride in working in a company that has a solid, respectful and inclusive organizational culture, guided by the company’s values.

Cristina Oliveira, Director of People and Sustainability

“We have long understood that the key to any cultural or strategic changes in an organization is the individual’s sense of belonging. It is always a great opportunity to reinforce through actions that the main asset of a company is people”, highlights Cristina Oliveira, Director of People and Sustainability.

For Cristina, more than any factor, the Cibra Way of Being is nourished by the company values. “Whether in our deliveries, where we show our customer obsession by acting with flexibility, agility, and innovation or in projects that demonstrate our socio-environmental responsibility towards the community we serve. Cibra’s values are our guide and act as the basis for all company’s initiatives. From hiring to performance evaluation, compensation cycles, promotions, and recognition programs”, she explains.

According to the executive, Cibra has solid cultural rituals that involve all employees at the most diverse levels. These rituals are key to keeping pride alive and fostering a sense of belonging.


In a world so versatile and full of information, Cibra strives not to lose focus on what really matters: people. With that in mind and taking courage as an inspiration, the company decided to embrace a work profile characterized by constant change, encouraging its leadership to seek real benefits for the team. Discover some of the company’s initiatives and programs:

  • “WFA work from anywhere” – in 2021, the company joined the WFA for the corporate team. Bringing benefits for the employee such as improved quality of life, flexible working hours, proximity to the family, and hiring without geographical restrictions;
  • Integration Program: during their first week of work, new employees are welcomed by colleagues who offer an immersion in the company’s history, values, and culture, even before the integration process with their area, function, and attributions;
  • Cibra Way of Operating – Work Group – its main objective is to support the consolidation of the company’s culture through the discussion of management, assessment, and mentoring tools with the teams;
  • Gente que Transforma” Program” – its purpose is to contribute to the educational development of young people from public schools and to create bridges between them and the job market. More than 70% of Cibra’s employees are involved in this or other voluntary action;
  • Cibra University (UNICIBRA) – aims to connect all its educational programs and be a development academy, enabling people to prepare and improve their skills and competencies;
  • e-Cibra Digital Inclusion Program – after noticing the difficulty in the use of computers by part of the operations team, e-Cibra was created to guarantee the democratization of technology;
  • EJA (Youth and Adult Education) – after identifying difficulty in reading and writing of some of its employees, Cibra, in partnership with SESI, implemented the literacy program, thus rescuing dignity and providing inclusion;
  • SIPATMA and Environment Week – National Movements – an annual event that provides information on topics related to safety and the environment.

These actions impact directly and positively the organizational climate and, consequently, the company’s business indicators.

“Our feeling is that we are even closer to Our People. With our leadership aligned and genuinely practicing the company values with commitment, dedication, and respect for the employee, we promote an increasingly positive experience for everyone, achieving our key results and cultivating a legacy that will perpetuate for generations to come.”, concludes Christina.

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