Bean's Nitrogen Deficiency (N) - Cibra Fertilizantes

Bean’s Nitrogen Deficiency (N)

N is the nutrient absorbed in greater amounts by the common bean and approximately 50% of the absorbed N is exported to the grains. It is a constituent of the chlorophyll molecule and, therefore, essential for photosynthesis, which is responsible for promoting the vegetative growth of the common bean.

 The greater availability of N in the initial phase increases the production of dry matter by the common bean. 

Deficiency – Chlorosis in leaflets of older leaves, which fall off prematurely. The ribs become more prominent from the background. With the evolution of the deficiency, the chlorosis is accentuated, although small, punctate green spots, such as splashes, may remain. At this stage, whitish areas may appear in various parts of the leaf blade.

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