Carrot's Calcium Deficiency (Ca) - Cibra Fertilizantes

Carrot’s Calcium Deficiency (Ca)

It plays an important role in the structure of the plant as an integral part of the cell wall, increasing the mechanical resistance of tissues and as a neutralizer of organic acids in the cytosol.

Calcium is part of pectin through calcium pectates and is required for elongation and mitotic cell division; this is reflected in root growth. In addition, in the cell membrane, Ca is important for linking phosphate/carboxylic groups of phospholipids and provides stability to proteins. 

Deficiency – Calcium deficiency necrotizes the growth points of young leaves and causes severe restrictions on root growth. A lack of magnesium causes old leaves to become chlorotic at the edges and a deficiency of boron causes leaf curling, causing the roots to become cracked.

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