Citrus's Magnesium Deficiency (Mg) - Cibra Fertilizantes

Citrus’s Magnesium Deficiency (Mg)

It has a specific role in enzyme activation, photosynthesis and nucleic acid synthesis. It is a constituent of the chlorophyll molecule, acts on protein stability in chloroplast functions, decreases oxidative stress and improves plant conditions to adverse conditions.

It also has an effect on fruit quality, increasing soluble solids, soluble solids/acidity ratio (ratio), optimizes juice color, increases fruit size and decreases rind thickness.

Deficiency – They manifest in mature leaves, through interveinal chlorotic areas along the main vein. In advanced stages, the entire leaf may become chlorotic, with a small area remaining green near the petiole. Magnesium migrates from older leaves to fruits and, in the absence of the element, chlorosis appears between the veins and on the sides of the main vein of the leaves, with the remainder of the chlorophyll forming an inverted green “V” in relation to the petiole. In cases of extreme deficiency, there is defoliation and drying of branches can occur.

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