Citrus's Phosphorus Deficiency (P) - Cibra Fertilizantes

Citrus’s Phosphorus Deficiency (P)

The use of phosphorus in citrus farming ensures several benefits, such as hormonal control in plant growth, storage and transfer of energy, constitution of nucleotides, activation and deactivation of enzymes, among other substantial functions for the healthy development of plants.

Deficiency – The leaves of affected plants are uniformly yellow-green, similar to the symptom of nitrogen deficiency.

The accentuated lack of phosphorus causes loss of brightness with foliage browning, reduction of the size of the leaves with dryness at the ends and edges, and there may be abnormal fall, generating defoliated branches. There may be an exaggerated fall of new leaves and flower buds, reducing production; and the fruits, in reduced number, have an increased thickness and a hollow core or columella.

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