Citrus's Potassium Deficiency (K) - Cibra Fertilizantes

Citrus’s Potassium Deficiency (K)

It helps in the synthesis of acids and proteins, in the osmotic control. It is an activator of plant hormones, which in turn control cell division and growth in the root and stem regions, known as meristems. 

It is responsible for transporting most of the sugars and other products from the leaves to storage organs such as fruits. It is also responsible for providing greater resistance to tissues, as it contributes to increasing the thickness of the plant’s cuticle and cell wall. Potassium is responsible for promoting the reduction of the freezing point of the sap, and consequently, the damage to the green structures of the plant in cases of frost.

Deficiency – The leaves at the ends of the branches are reduced, yellow-green, with wavy leaf blades and curved ends. The fruits are small and have a thin skin. In addition to these symptoms, the leaves can become tanned and curved, causing exaggerated fruit drop. In cases of severe deficiency, there is gummy exudation on the leaves and death of the branches.

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