Coffee's Iron Deficiency (Fe) - Cibra Fertilizantes

Coffee’s Iron Deficiency (Fe)

Component of chlorophyll and participates in the respiration process.

Among the micronutrients, the most accumulated by the coffee tree, not because of a metabolic requirement, but because of its high availability in the soils, where coffee plantations are located. 

Deficiency – Occur in pairs of young leaves, which turn yellow with the veins remaining green, forming a fine green lattice. In the rainy and hot period, when there is a rapid expansion of the leaf, imbalance is also common, but the tendency is to disappear with time. Symptoms can also appear after drastic pruning. In heavily drained soils, iron can turn into a form that plants cannot absorb. In coffee seedlings, due to excess of organic matter in the substrate, waterlogging and lack of light, these can also be deficient.

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