Potato's Nitrogen Deficiency (N) - Cibra Fertilizantes

Potato’s Nitrogen Deficiency (N)

It participates in several stages of the plant’s metabolic process and is a constituent of several compounds such as nucleic acids, amino acids and chlorophyll.

It is converted into amino acids, protein-building units, bases for plant growth and development, and enzymes, proteins specialized in the catalysis of biological reactions, necessary for the enzymatic reactions of plants. It acts on the partition of photoassimilates to the tubers. 

Deficiency – Causes chlorosis mainly of the older leaves, less vigorous plants, with slow growth, thin stems, short internodes and erect leaves, in addition to producing small and lesser tubers; when N deficiency is severe, there may be necrotic spots and leaf abscission. In sandy soils and poor in organic matter, which did not receive nitrogen fertilization.

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