Reforestation's Boron Deficiency (B) - Cibra Fertilizantes

Reforestation’s Boron Deficiency (B)

It acts in the transport of carbohydrates inside the plants. In addition, there is evidence that it is part of the hormonal mechanisms that are responsible for plant growth. 

Deficiency – Young leaves show intense marginal chlorosis followed by drying of the margins. The veins become extremely prominent with subsequent necrosis (a “ribbed” appearance).

The youngest leaves are curled and thick. In the plant, there is a loss of dominance caused by the death of the apical bud. In the final stage, pointer dryness and descending death of the branches are observed, with subsequent super-budding of the lateral buds, resulting in the trunk bifurcation. In some situations, pointer breakage may occur. Deformation of young leaves with the death of apical buds.

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