Soy's Potassium Deficiency (K) - Cibra Fertilizantes

Soy’s Potassium Deficiency (K)

The importance of potassium (K): It acts in the formation, translocation and metabolism of carbohydrates. It is responsible for the efficient use of water, regulating enzymatic movement.

It acts in the translocation of water and nutrients, helps the plant to tolerate water deficiency. Promotes more uniform maturation of the crop. Potassium (K) deficiency for this nutrient can usually result in what we know as “hidden hunger”, that is, a reduction in the plant growth rate with a reduction in soybean production.

In cases of more severe deficiency, the appearance of visual symptoms begins with a yellowing at the edges of the leaflets of the leaves of the lower part of the plant. These areas advance towards the center of the leaflets, giving rise to the beginning of necrosis of these areas at the edges of the leaflets. Potassium-deficient plants produce small grains.

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