Sugarcane's Zinc Deficiency (Zn) - Cibra Fertilizantes

Sugarcane’s Zinc Deficiency (Zn)

It is an important enzyme cofactor and structural component in proteins. The biochemical processes to which this element acts are protein synthesis, hormone regulation and energy production.

Deficiency – In young plants, they germinate with a small elongation of the palm heart, with a tendency for the leaves to all come out of the leaf apex at the same height, forming the “fan” symptom.

In cases of more severe deficiency, deficient plants are noticeably smaller than those without deficiency, and older leaves have red spots on the underside. In plants older than six months there is a slight shortening of the internodes, chlorotic streaks on the leaf blade, but the midrib and the margins remain green. A reduction in the growth of the internodes and a stop in the growth of the top can be observed.

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