Tomato's Calcium Deficiency (Ca) - Cibra Fertilizantes

Tomato’s Calcium Deficiency (Ca)

Component of pectates that make up cell walls. Activator of some enzymes related to phosphorus metabolism.

It interferes in the permeability of protoplasmic membranes, in the development of the root system and in photosynthetic phosphorylation. Responsible for assisting in the germination of pollen grains and in the growth of the pollen tube. 

Deficiency – The characteristic symptom of calcium deficiency begins with flaccidity of the tissues at the tip of the fruit, which evolves into a depressed, dry and black necrosis. The symptom is known as stylar rot or “black background”. In conditions where there are short periods of deficiency – mainly when there are sudden changes in climatic conditions – necrotic tissues are observed inside the fruits, whose symptom is known as black heart.

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