Tomato's Potassium Deficiency (K) - Cibra Fertilizantes

Tomato’s Potassium Deficiency (K)

Important enzyme activator. It improves the commercial quality of the fruits, being able to influence the synthesis of carotenoids, in a special way lycopene (nutraceutical) that is responsible for the red color of the tomato in addition to well-formed fruits, without the presence of empty spaces inside.

It helps to set the fruits, preventing them from falling during the formation and ripening stages. Responsible for translocating the photoassimilates to the fruits.

Deficiency – Slows down plant growth; the new leaves taper and the old ones show yellowing of the edges, becoming brownish and necrotic. Yellowing usually progresses from the edges to the center of the leaves. Occasionally, bright orange areas appear. The lack of firmness of the fruits, in many cases.

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